The Benefits of LED Lighting and How to Use the Lights in Your Home

Posted on: 10 April 2018

LED lighting has many uses around the home. This type of lighting has many advantages over old incandescent and CFL bulbs, and it's worth looking into when you're ready to buy new bulbs or install new lighting in your home. Here's a look at the benefits of LED lights and how you can use them.

Benefits of LED Lighting

One advantage of LED lights is that they are much cooler than other types of bulbs. That makes them safer to use around the home. You don't have to worry as much about a shade or curtain coming in contact with the bulb. Plastic covers and shades are safer since they won't melt and burn like they can with other types of bulbs. LED lights also last for a long time. A single bulb could last a few years, which is a nice benefit. Your lights will burn out less frequently, so you won't always be running to the store for new bulbs. LED bulbs also use far less energy than traditional bulbs.

Options in LED Lighting

LED lights make perfect string lights. You can buy them as colorful Christmas lights or as string lights to use outdoors or indoors. Since they use less power, you can string several strands of lights together and plug them into the same outlet. It's also possible to run LED lights off of batteries and solar power, which makes them great exterior lights or lights for areas away from electricity, such as a campsite. You can buy LED lights in strips too. Strips have adhesive backs so you can adhere them to the underside of cabinets or stick them to a wall. LED lights can also be used as traditional lights in lamps and ceiling lights. They are also ideal for recessed lights since they don't get too hot.

Ways to Use LED Lighting

LED lights are ideal for task lighting since the light is directed in one direction rather than being reflected to a wider area. This makes them ideal for use in the kitchen under cabinets or over an island so you can see better to read recipes and prepare food. LED task lights are useful in your child's room over a desk area for use while doing homework. LED lights are also perfect in the bathroom or bedroom when you want lights to use for color therapy. The lights are white when you need illumination, and you can change the color to one that will relax you as you bath. You can also light your bedroom at night with dramatic color.

You can install some types of LED lighting yourself, such as string lights and strip lights. However, recessed lighting and task lights may need to be installed by an electrician when you're ready to upgrade your home. The switch to LED lights is worth it since the bulbs are more energy efficient and they will last a long time even if you leave them on all day and night.