LED Light: The Benefits Of Tubes Over Bulbs

Posted on: 14 April 2018

LED light, as you know, provides some of the brightest light for the least expense. However, there is still some competition going on between using bulbs versus light tubes. If you had a choice between lights and tubes, do you know which you would choose? Here are some benefits that the T8 LED tubes for sale have over LED bulbs for sale.

Bulbs Only Brighten Where They Sit 

Bulbs are great if you only have to cast light into small areas. That makes them perfect for bedside lamps and closet lights, but not so great if you are trying to light an entire floor in a building. That is where the light tubes really shine. The tubes scatter more and brighter light across a greater area. It makes the tubes ideal for commercial buildings because the tubes can give off more than enough light for every employee to see their computers and their work.

LED Tubes Are Better for Workshops, Too

In a place where you have loud and potentially harmful power tools running all day, the LED tubes make sure you can see exactly what you are working on and exactly where your body parts are in relation to the blades and drivers. Wherever your workshop is located, the tubes hanging in the lights overhead will shine brighter than the bulbs on any given day. Additionally, you can always move and rehang shop lights, which you cannot do with bulb outlets.

Bulbs Completely Burn out, Whereas the Tubes Do Not

Here is a fun fact for you; LED bulbs take a very long time to burn out. Unfortunately, when the bulbs finally do burn out, that is it. There is no extra light or backup light anywhere near where the bulbs screw into the ceiling. With the tubes, you may have one light-emitting diode in a series of several inside the light tube. If one diode dies, the rest keep burning brightly. Ergo, you have ongoing light, no matter what, until the entire tube burns out. 

Extra-Long Life Tubes Are Available

If you decide to make the switch over to LED light tubes and skip the bulbs, there are extra-long life LED tubes available. These tubes purportedly take YEARS to burn out completely, making them the longest-lasting light source you can buy. Of course, you will not know for sure unless you buy and use LED tubes instead of bulbs.