The Fascinating Applications Of Thermal Cameras

Posted on: 25 June 2018

A thermal camera can pick up on all kinds of heat signatures, including spots that are colder than surrounding areas. From Hollywood movies to ghost hunting, there are plenty of applications for these cameras that make them both fascinating and entertaining. The following examples from the entertainment industry illustrate some of the things you can do with a thermal camera and a keen interest in the way thermal cameras operate.

From the Movie, Predator

If you ever watched the movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, then you have seen what a thermal camera can do. A lot of this movie was shot with a thermal imaging camera to create the perspective of the alien, which could only see the other characters in the movie via thermal imaging. If you wanted to, you could use your own thermal imaging camera to shoot video of just about any outdoor or indoor set of living beings, from bunny rabbits to humans. 

From the TV Show, Ghost Hunters

Theoretically, ghosts have to pull a lot of energy from their surroundings in order to make any sort of appearance, even if that appearance is very brief and/or just a ball of energy. The men and women in the TV show, Ghost Hunters used thermal cameras to pick up on changes in temperature and the appearance of figures and balls of energy, which may be indicative of apparitions appearing. If you wanted to do an investigation of your own home for suspected paranormal activity, or if you wanted to start your own ghost hunting business, then you could buy a thermal camera and check things out.

Searching for Cold Spots and Skeletons Inside Walls

There is an endless supply of cop dramas and episodes from these shows that feature investigations using thermal cameras. In most of the episodes, the cameras are searching for bodies and skeletons inside walls. Sometimes this is a useful thing to do in your own home. It helps you find skeletons or living things that are inside your walls so that you are not surprised by them when you start remodeling projects. Additionally, the thermal camera will pick up on cold spots, indicating potential water damage, which may require a water damage and/or mold remediation specialist's services.

Finding out What Sets off Your Outdoor Motion Detectors

Finally, you can use thermal cameras to record what it is that sets off your outdoor motion detection lights every night. Usually, it is just rabbits, raccoons, or a opossum, but if it is anything else, like an intruder, you should know about it before your property is stolen or your home is invaded. The thermal cameras can be placed up high or down low for this purpose.